WORLD PREMIERE In India, where marriage is a must but AIDS carries a stigma, what are HIV-positive people to do? Dr. Suniti Solomon, who discovered India’s first case of HIV, has an answer for her HIV-positive patients: matchmaking. Directors Ann S. Kim and Priya Giri Desai follow the trailblazing doctor at home and in her office as she methodically looks for the perfect matches for patients Manu and Karthik. With compassion, humor and hope, Lovesick is an intimate story about the universal desire for love.

Director: Ann S. Kim, Priya Giri Desai
Producer: Priya Giri Desai, Ann S. Kim
Cinematographer: Ann S. Kim, Fowzia Fathima, Jane Gillooly, Monic Kumar G.
Editor: Ricardo Acosta, William A. Anderson, Peter Rhodes
Music: Ken Myhr, Kareem Roustom, Krish Venkatesh
Language: English, Tamil, Hindi
Country: USA
Year: 2017