2019 Alumni

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich is known for her oral history books on war and catastrophe. This film follows her as she embarks on a different project interviewing Russian people on their relationship to love. We get to watch one of the world’s greatest interviewers draw out a wide range of speakers on love in all its formsfrom sweetness to madness, its absence and fulfillment. The film transfers the poetry of her process to screen


Intl. Perspectives


Director: Staffan Julén
Producer: Johan Seth
Cinematographer: Majaq Julén Brännström
Editor: Åsa Mossberg, Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt
Music: Sergey Evtushenko
Running Time: 89
Language: Belarussian
Country: Swedish
Year: 2017
Sales Agent: Taskovski Films Ltd