2015 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Directors Jonathan Yi and Michael Haertlein, Producer Josh Koury, Editor Hisayo Kushida, Composer Daniel Salo, and Subjects Kengo Hioki (Yellow) and Kotaro Tsukada (Red)

WORLD PREMIERE Peelander-Z isn’t your ordinary band. Once audiences see their outrageous onstage antics – human bowling, anyone? – and distinctive color-coded costumes, they might just start to believe the Japanese art-punk band’s claims of coming from another planet. After fifteen years of playing in NYC and touring around the country, Peelander Red decides to quit, upending the relationship with his best friend Peelander Yellow, and leading to dramatic changes in this one-of-a-kind, infectiously entertaining group.

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Director: Jonathan Yi, Michael Haertlein
Producer: Josh Koury, Jonathan Yi, Michael Haertlein
Cinematographer: Jonathan Yi, Michael Haertlein
Editor: Hisayo Kushida
Music: Daniel Salo
Running Time: 82
Language: English, Japanese
Country: USA
Year: 2015