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Expected to Attend: Jeremy Workman

NYC PREMIERE Step into the unique and visionary world of lifetime outsider artist Al Carbee, an 88-year old eccentric who spends his days creating outlandish works of art featuring Barbie dolls. Filmmaker Jeremy Workman has spent over a decade with his friend Carbee, compiling extensive footage and memories to provide audiences with a window into the magical universe of Carbee’s bizarre creative force and a glimpse of an otherwise unknown artist’s lifelong body of work.

“The subject of Jeremy Workman’s Magical Universe isn’t really an established quantity in the world of outsider art, leaving the audience to form its own impressions of the endearing yet enigmatic Carbee.”– TIME Magazine/Lightbox

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Producer: Jeremy Workman
Cinematographer: Jeremy Workman, Michael Lisnet, James Colston, John Atherton Monroe, & Al Carbee
Editor: Jeremy Workman
Music: Karen Altman
Running Time: 77 min.
Language: English
Country: USA