96 min

Online Screening

Nov 11 - Nov 29

A whirlwind of a life takes Stan Brock to the Amazonian ranches of South America and around the world as a nature-television presenter. An incident at his hacienda in Guyana spurs the Englishman to pursue his true life’s work: providing healthcare to those in need. In this profile, Brock fights for Americans’ right to healthcare, as his nonprofit, Remote Area Medical, provides thousands of individuals with much-needed free medical and dental care through pop-up clinics.

This film has English language closed captioning available.  For more information about closed captions and accessibility at DOC NYC, please click here.

Included with the screening ticket is an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Director Paul Angell, Producer Vladimir V Daniel, Co-Producer/Consulting Editor Doug Blush, immediately following the film.

DOC NYC Live event: Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 3 ET on Facebook Live Remote Area Medical CEO Jeff Eastman and healthcare reform activist Wendell Potter join filmmaker Paul Michael Angell to discuss the legacy of Stan Brock and the current state of healthcare provision for underserved Americans.

Director: Paul Michael Angell
Executive Producer: Waël Kabbani, Ilene Kahn Power
Producer: Vladimir V Daniel, Victor Buhler
Cinematographer: Tom Goudsmit
Editor: Tim Beeston, Katie Bryer, Douglas Blush
Music: Daniel Gadd
Language: English
Country: UK
Year: 2020

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Nov 11 - Nov 29


Online Screening

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