129 min

Online Screening

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE | An epic self-portrait of Ulrike Ottinger, one of Germany’s most prominent contemporary avant-garde artists, known for her paintings, photographs, and, above all, her films. An impressive and extensive archive of sensorial memories, historical photographs, and documentary footage traces the early influences of Ottinger’s life in Paris in the 1960s. This was a time marked by her integration into the rich intellectual and cultural circles of the city, but also engagement in the political and social eruptions around the Algerian War and May 1968. These varied dimensions of her experience make this film an essential historical time capsule, beautifully interwoven with the most precious of memories and images.

Included with the screening ticket is an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Ulrike Ottinger (Director/Cinematographer), immediately following the film.

Director: Ulrike Ottinger
Producer: Thomas Kufus, Kornelia Theune; Co-Producer: Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Gérald Collas
Writer: Ulrike Ottinger
Cinematographer: Ulrike Ottinger
Editor: Anette Fleming
Language: German, English, French
Country: Germany, France
Year: 2020
Sales Agent: Lightdox