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Expected to Attend: Directors Hind Meddeb

US PREMIERE Paris is a beloved tourist destination, but this film shows us a side of the city most of us will never see. Director Hind Meddeb and co-director Thim Naccache train their cameras on the community of refugees sleeping in the streets in the district called Stalingrad in 2016. Most prominent is a refugee from Darfur named Souleymane who recites poetry to uplift his spirits. The film’s power deepens our sensitivity to how refugees should be treated anywhere in the world.



New World Order


Official Site:
On Facebook: filmparisstalingrad
Director: Hind Meddeb, Thim Naccache
Executive Producer: Mike Lerner
Producer: Sylvie Brenet, Abel Nahmias, Hind Meddeb
Writer: Hind Meddeb
Cinematographer: Hind Meddeb, Thim Naccache
Editor: Sophie Pouleau
Music: Bachar Mar Khalife
Running Time: 86
Language: Arab, French, English
Country: France
Year: 2019