2014 Alumni

Making a living. Skateboarders join together to start a pickle business in New York City in Half Sour (USA, 15 min., Sean McGing & Mary Anne Rothberg). A Scottish man’s Buffalo Dreams (UK, 16 min., Maurice O’Brien) may go up in smoke if he can’t get his commercial bison farm to turn a profit. Jacques, Le Taxidermiste (France/New Zealand, 18 min., Prisca Bouchet & Nick Mayow), painstakingly brings animals back to a semblance of life, while David seeks to learn the dying craft of shoemaking from his father in Zapatero (Spain, 14 min., Madelon Vroom). Cast in India (USA, 26 min., Natasha Raheja) explores the creation of New York City’s manhole covers on the other side of the world. (89 min. total)


Running Time: 89