2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director/Producers Sarah Teale, Lisa F. Jackson; film subjects John Moreno, Quirino Cota, Elena Moreno

NYC PREMIERE In Baja, Mexico, a multinational developer plans to build an extensive wellness oasis, which will include nearly 4,500 homes and create a footprint that will engulf the local fishing community of Todos Santos. Faced with the encroachment of their natural resources, depletion of the local ecology and severe pollution, the fishermen band together to fight the developer and government agencies that enable these extreme resorts. Led by an inspiring young attorney, can this humble group succeed in stopping this unsustainable development and preserve their way of life?

Co-Presented by Cinema Tropical.


Fight the Power


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Director: Lisa F. Jackson, Sarah Teale
Executive Producer: Sarah Teale, Lisa F. Jackson
Cinematographer: Lisa F. Jackson
Editor: Pilar Rico
Music: Jamie Lawrence
Running Time: 83
Language: Spanish, English
Country: USA, Mexico
Year: 2018