2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Jo Ardinger, producer Rosalie Miller

WORLD PREMIERE The 14th amendment guarantees rights to all citizens, including legal personhood at birth. In Wisconsin, this right has been extended to unborn children. After a doctor’s visit places her pregnancy under the oppressive scrutiny of the state, Tammy Loertscher is denied her constitutional rights and jailed while her fetus is provided court protection. Tammy’s experience reveals the dangerous consequences for women and families of this reframing of laws at the service of the anti-abortion movement.



New World Order


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Director: Jo Ardinger
Executive Producer: Peter Adkison
Producer: Rosalie Miller, Jo Ardinger
Writer: Jo Ardinger
Cinematographer: Marc Pingry
Editor: Jo Ardinger
Music: BC Campbell
Running Time: 79
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Publicist: Brian Geldin PR