2012 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Hugh Hartford, Anson Hartford, Terry Donlon, Lisa Modlich

US PREMIERE Welcome to the World Competition of over-80s Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia. Terry (81), having been given a week to live, still wants the gold medal. Inge (89) has used table tennis to train her way out of the dementia ward she committed herself to. Australian legend Dorothy deLow is 100, and finds herself a mega-celebrity in this rarefied world. And Texan Lisa Modlich, a newcomer at 85 years old, is determined to do whatever it takes to win her first gold. A meditation on mortality, Ping Pong is also a joyous tribute to the tenacity of the human spirit.

Co-presented with BAFTA New York


Amer. Perspectives
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Director: Hugh Hartford, Anson Hartford
Producer: Anson Hartford
Cinematographer: Anson Hartford
Editor: John Mister
Music: Orlando Roberton & The Bees
Running Time: 78 min
Language: English, German, Mandarin
Country: UK