90 min


Views through the photographic lens. A collective of visually impaired New York photographers express their creativity in BlindSight (USA, 16 min., Bob Sacha), while a former fashion photographer celebrates unconventionally beautiful subjects in On Beauty (USA, 30 min., Joanna Rudnick). Becoming Billy Name (USA, 13 min., Alexa Karolinski) profiles the life of the reclusive man who documented Warhol’s Factory in photos for over a decade. Award-winning photojournalist Sebastiano regularly risks his life—and the stability of his relationship—to become Embedded (USA, 31 min., Madeleine Pryor) in combat zones for weeks at a time.


NYC PREMIERE Sebastiano’s passion is documenting war. But at what cost? His award-winning photographs from Syria and Afghanistan are widely published. His girlfriend, Gessica, who is proud of him, fears for his life constantly and struggles to understand Sebastiano's drive to work in combat zones. This short documentary is a mixture of compelling verite and interview footage from their life together in New York and Sebastiano’s breathtaking field videos and photos from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Haiti. This film is playing as part of SHORTS PROGRAM: POINT + SHOOT

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