2015 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Danae Elon (Nov. 14th Only)

US PREMIERE Filmmaker Danae Elon grew up in Jerusalem as the daughter of writer Amos Elon, then relocated to New York City. In this film, she chronicles what happens when she and her husband Philip, a French-Algerian Jew who never lived in Israel, move their family to Jerusalem. Shot over three years, the film captures how the city’s tensions become internalized within the family, exposing divisions between past and present, hope and reality.

This screening is co-presented with The Nation.




Official Site: http://www.psjerusalem.com
On Twitter: psjerusalem
On Facebook: http://www.psjerusalem.com/trailer/
Director: Danae Elon
Producer: Paul Cadieux
Cinematographer: Danae Elon
Editor: Sophie Farkas Bolla
Music: Olivier Alary
Running Time: 87
Language: English, Hebrew, Arabic
Country: Canada/Israel
Year: 2015