90 min


NYC PREMIERE New York City’s Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo has charmed audiences for more than four decades, bringing the dance form to a modern audience… with a decided twist. Formed in an era of newfound gay liberation, the Trocks, as the all-male troupe is affectionately known, fuses camp humor with classical ballet, performing in drag and lending a refreshing satirical edge that upends elitist expectations of the art form. Bobbi Jo Hart reveals the past and present of this talented ensemble as they perform around the world.

Co-Presenter Newfest


Director: Bobbi Jo Hart
Producer: Bobbi Jo Hart, Robbie Hart
Cinematographer: Bobbi Jo Hart, Jenni Morello, Stephanie Weber Biron, Renald Bellemare, Peter Schnall, Wes Doyle, Robbie Hart
Editor: Catherine Legault
Music: Daniel Toussaint, Corey Hart, Jann Arden
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Catalan
Country: Canada
Year: 2017