NYC PREMIERE Once upon a time, in downtown Oklahoma City, a seedy strip club called the Red Dog Saloon was an emblem of the 1970s oil boom. It also served as the childhood home of award-winning musician Luke Dick and his infamous go-go dancing mother Kim. Combining funky animation, archival footage and interviews with Red Dog regulars, this quirky, high-spirited film reconstructs the culture and times of the strip club, as well as the circumstances that led to Kim and Luke’s unorthodox life there.

2019 - RED DOG

Director: Luke Dick, Casey Pinkston
Executive Producer: Luke Dick, Casey Pinkston
Producer: Luke Dick, Casey Pinkston
Cinematographer: Casey Pinkston, Luke Dick, Casey Pierce, Alison Love
Editor: Casey Pinkston
Music: Luke Dick
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2019
Sales Agent: Endeavour Content