Expected to Attend: Director Stu Maddux

NYC PREMIERE While the LGBT community began to experience greater visibility in the wake of 1969’s Stonewall riots, generations had quietly lived their lives before, out of the public eye. Stu Maddux reveals this hidden history by unearthing a treasure trove of rare home movies made by gay people – some dating to the 1930s – that have long languished in the back of people’s closets. Projecting the viewer back in time, these private moments open a fascinating window into the surprising vibrancy of unheralded LGBT lives.

This film is proceeded by Ed & Pauline.


Behind the Scenes


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Director: Stu Maddux
Producer: Stu Maddux
Cinematographer: Stu Maddux, Franck Batelli, Craig Maddux
Editor: Stu Maddux
Running Time: 67
Language: English, Spanish
Country: USA
Year: 2015