WORLD PREMIERE Theater director Andy is invited to bring the musical RENT to Cuba, his exiled parents’ homeland. Embarking on a personal journey to reclaim his complicated heritage, and to bridge cultural boundaries with Jonathan Larson’s inspiring musical, Andy is faced with the daunting task of opening the show just 12 weeks from first rehearsals. Will he be able to hone the raw young local talent he’s cast, contend with technical challenges and address RENT‘s controversial themes in Cuban society?

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical and NewFest

Director: Andy Señor Jr, Victor Patrick Alvarez
Executive Producer: Neil Patrick Harris, Brooke Christian, Bob Nederlander, Zoe Chapin, Shea Martin, Karim Amer, Mark Berger, Hayden Christiansen
Producer: Andy Señor Jr., Victor Patrick Alvarez, Christine O'Malley, Scott Fenn
Writer: Andy Señor Jr.
Cinematographer: Victor Patrick Alvarez
Editor: Devin Tanchum, Doug Blush, Christopher DeLatorre
Music: Carlos Alvarez
Language: English, Spanish
Country: USA
Year: 2019

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Dec 31, 1969 19:00 PM


Expected Atendees

Director Andy Señor Jr, Victor Patrick Alvarez