2014 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Shan Nicholson, Jim Carrey, executive producers Nick Quested and David Kennedy, producers Michael Aguilar, Cristina Esteras and Dito Montiel, film subjects Benji Melendez, Lloyd Murphy, Jee Sanchez, Rolly Rodriguez and D.S.R.

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Confronting a bankrupt, decaying city and the dashed hopes of the civil rights generation, African-American and Latino teenagers violently took over the streets of 1970s New York. The South Bronx became a war zone ruled by gangs like the Savage Skulls and the Ghetto Brothers. Hypnotic archival footage and present-day interviews with former gang members reveal how peace was brokered at the peak of the bloodshed in a most unlikely manner, laying the foundation for what ultimately became hip-hop culture.

Screening with Fraser Munden & Neil Rathbone’s The Chaperone. An action-packed, animated retelling of what happened when a drunken motorcycle gang invaded a 1970s school dance.

This film is co-presented by Cinema Tropical




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Producer: Michael Aguilar, Dito Montiel, Jim Carrey, Shan Nicholson, Ben Velez, Cristina Esteras
Cinematographer: Dan Ribaudo & Shlomo Godder
Editor: Shan Nicholson
Music: Torbitt Schwartz
Running Time: 68
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2014