2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Andrew Becker, Daniel Mehrer

NYC PREMIERE Seeking a quieter life without rules, Martin and Margo leave the bustle of Amsterdam to set up a farm in Santoalla, located in remote Spanish Galicia. Like many rural communities, the crumbling village has seen its population dwindle. When the Dutch couple arrives, the only other residents are their neighbors, the Rodríguez family. Initial friendliness soon gives way to disagreements and then a fullfledged feud that lasts a decade… until Martin’s mysterious disappearance.


True Crime


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Director: Andrew Becker, Daniel Mehrer
Producer: Andrew Becker, Daniel Mehrer, Cristina De La Torre
Cinematographer: Andrew Becker, Daniel Mehrer
Editor: Andrew Becker
Music: Andrew Becker
Running Time: 82
Language: English, Galician
Country: USA, Spain
Year: 2016