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US PREMIERE In the Netherlands, Stijn and his dogs spend their days in bucolic fields herding sheep the way herders have done for millennia. He and his family live simply and happily. But with the advent of cheaper and faster herding methods, is their way of life sustainable? As the stress and pressure of the modern world creep in, Stijn must face the very high costs of maintaining tradition in the relentless face of progress.




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On Facebook: sheephero
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Director: Ton van Zantvoort
Executive Producer: Annerose Langeveld
Producer: Ton van Zantvoort, Marc Thelosen, Koert Davidse
Writer: Ton van Zantvoort
Cinematographer: Ton van Zantvoort
Editor: Ton van Zantvoort
Music: Roy Bemelmans
Running Time: 81
Language: Dutch, English
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2018
Sales Agent: Films Transit