These docs feature the dynamic relationships between humans and entertaining, sentient, and magnificent animals. (Total Running Time: 93 MIN)

Strange Beasts | Director: Darcy Prendergast
The story of a risky lion preserve in Australia told by one of its keepers, who was mauled when working there. (Australia, 10 MIN)

Escape Artists: The Tale of Mike, Mike Jr. and Freddie | Director: Nancy Siesel
How often do cows escape the slaughterhouse? More often than you think, and animal activist Mike Stura is there to rescue them. (USA, 15 MIN)

Holy Cowboys | Director: Varun Chopra
A group of teenage boys try to save the lives of cows in their town and get caught in the grip of Hindu nationalism. (INDIA, USA, UNITED KINGDOM, 25 MIN)

Requiem for a Whale | Director: Ido Weisman
A stirring silent chronicle of a whale who washes ashore and dies, affecting all witnesses with its majesty and grandeur. (ISRAEL, 15 MIN)

The Goats of Monesiglio | Director: Emily Graves
An immigrant family and Italian-born family work on a goat farm to make it a success and demonstrate the new face of Italian agriculture. (CANADA, 25 MIN)

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with several members of the filmmaking teams.

This program contains the following accessibility options for viewers:
Closed Captioning for the film ESCAPE ARTISTS for in-person screenings at IFC Center and Cinepolis Chelsea

All in-person screening venues provide hearing impaired listening devices upon request with venue management.

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