What does care look like and how can we take care? The caretakers answer this question. (Total Running Time: 94 MIN)

Post Mortem Berlin | Director: Anton von Heiseler
Experience the final moments of care administered to a human body before cremation. -Samah Ali (GERMANY, 27 MIN)

Rat Tail | Director: Chad Sogas
Director Chad Sogas reflects on his juvenile rat tail and unravels an unexpected journey of self-healing from depression.  -Samah Ali (USA, 15 MIN)

Ray & The Agave | Director: James Kozar
After taking care of a flourishing agave, Ray grapples with life and death as the plant overgrows its space at the greenhouse.  -Samah Ali (USA, 9 MIN)

Tell Me More | Director: Martyna Peszko
As a daughter tends to her incapacitated mother, their bond grows stronger through non-verbal communication.  -Samah Ali (POLAND, 29 MIN)

The Train Station | Director: Lyana Patrick
Animation brings alive a family’s tragic experience in Canada’s residential school system for indigenous children.  -Samah Ali (CANADA, 2 MIN)

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with several members of the filmmaking teams.

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