The City University of New York has exceptional campuses renowned for preparing students to become professionals in the motion picture industry. Its rich and diverse programs offer the invaluable experience of hands-on learning and peer collaboration, training students in all aspects of the disciplines of the moving image, from the aesthetic to the technical. (TOTAL RUNNING TIME 76 MIN.)

| Director: Alan Nero (Brooklyn College, TREM)

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a father and son find a new way to make a town smile. (USA, 6 MIN)

Till Next Trip | Director: Matthew Colon (Brooklyn College, TREM)

A son looks at the life of his father, a bus driver during the COVID-19 pandemic. (USA, 10 MIN) 

The Zelda Express | Director: Nicholas Sossi Romano (Brooklyn College, Film)

Former Nintendo World Champion Jeff Hansen relives a 1990s promotional contest set on a cross-country train ride for the release of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. (USA, 12 MIN)

Changing the Narrative: The Vision of Oscar Micheaux | Director: Eric Straight (Brooklyn College, Film) 

The journey of pioneering African-American author and filmmaker, Oscar Micheaux, whose own life experiences inspired his stories. (USA, 19 MIN)

Supra | Director: Tim Chachibaia (Brooklyn College, Film)

A consideration of the Georgian tradition of the supra feast, its cultural importance, and experience through the nation’s gastronomy. (Georgia, 10 MIN)

The SoHo Memory Project | Director: Or Szyflingier (NYC College of Technology/CUNY)

A profile of SoHo and its transformation from warehouse artist district to a commercialized upscale hub of fashion, retail, and food. (USA, 14 MIN)

Unconditional | Director: Rumi Lee (City College/CUNY) 

A look at a mother’s life with her disabled daughter.  (USA, 9 MIN)

Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Filmmakers Eric Straight, Alan Nero, Tim Chachibaia, Or Szyflingier, Nicholas Sossi Romano, Matthew Colon, and Rumi Lee.