Hunter’s MFA Program in Integrated Media Arts (IMA) offers advanced studies in nonfiction media making. The IMA Program educates multi-disciplinary, socially engaged media makers in a diverse range of skills across the media landscape. Working with faculty from film, video, emerging media, and journalism backgrounds, students learn to conceptualize, create, and distribute innovative, politically and socially engaged expression using contemporary media technologies.  (TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 89 MIN)

The Life of Dan | Director: Jeremy Levine, Dan Levine

On the complications of brotherly love and working through the horrors of the past.  (USA, 29 MIN) 

Under the Skin | Director: Silvana D’Mikos

Laila, a fictional 10-year-old Salvadorian girl, struggles to cross the border from Mexico into the US. (USA, 11 MIN)

Funny Faces at Smyrna Beach | Director: Andrea Lerner

Footage of the filmmaker from 2004 inspires reconnection with her earlier self, creating tension between potential and reality, past and present.  (USA, 8 MIN)

Protest: Queer Liberation March for Black Lives and Against Police Brutality, NYC 2020 | Director: Gearóid Dolan/screaMachine

A protest on the day that the pride parade normally takes place inspires a meditation of the repetition of text and sound.  (USA, 6 MIN)

Memory Map | Director: Amanda Madden

A map of moments which depict a portrait of learning, intimacy, loss, and change.  (USA, 5 MIN)

Flotsam | Director: Robin Smith Fedock 

Imagine a present where the Superfund-designated Gowanus Canal is no longer a threat to life.  (USA, 3 MIN)

Here Now (Chapter 4)| Director: AK Hansen

A newcomer attempts to unravel the realities of their new home and to grasp the political and social circumstances that shape the neighborhood.  (USA, 5 MIN)

My First Sessions | Director: Wendy Cong Zhao

For a Chinese college student struggling to adjust to life in the US, the idea of seeing a therapist is daunting.  (USA, 8 MIN)

Arrhythmia | Director: Pooj Padmaraj

An exploration of the ways in which fear has become an environment.  (USA, 5 MIN)

Leisure, Pleasure | Director: Jess Shane

Landscapes of a luxury cruise explore visions of class, wealth, and utopia.  (USA, 11 MIN)

Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Filmmakers Pooj Padmaraj, Robin Smith Fedock, Andrea Lerner, AK Hansen, Jess Shane, Amanda Madden, and Silvana D’Mikos.