New York Film Academy Documentary Department students learn to make films by making films. Hands-on Conservatory and bicoastal MFA programs pair rigorous instruction with close mentoring by a distinguished faculty including Bob Eisenhardt (Free Solo), Claudia Raschke (RBG), and Randy Dottin (the Chicago TV franchise), who support both beginners and professionals from around the globe in creating their own documentaries. Alumni work across the industry and have won Emmy and Academy Awards, and honors at Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, and Toronto. NYFA has been named one of The Hollywood Reporter‘s “Top American Film Schools,” Variety‘s “Stellar Film Schools,” and The Independent’s “10 Best Academic Programs for Documentary Filmmakers.” (TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 75 MIN)

Am I Enough? | Director: Chandni Sharma

Chiki’s parents would do anything to have a boy. (India, 3 MIN) 

Intersection | Director: Sarah Masiyiwa

To be a Black woman is to live at the intersection of two different struggles without feeling you’re the primary voice in either. (UK, Zimbabwe, 2 MIN) 

Choosing the Line | Director: Kendall Marianacci

Kendall resolves to walk across a canyon on a highline, but it’s not as easy as it looks. (USA, 3 MIN)

Single Parent | Director: Deandre’e Kelly

A young filmmaker turns his camera on his family. (USA, 10 MIN)

Rebirth | Director: Eleonora Privitera

A decades-long love story takes a hard turn. (Italy, 4 MIN)

V R Friends | Director: Olga Shelukhova

Olga gets experimental with technology and an ex-boyfriend. (Kazahstan, 7 MIN)

Generation 328 | Director: Veronika Nikanava

A group of mothers defy Europe’s last dictatorship, fighting to free their children from draconian sentences in brutal Belarusian prisons. (Belarus, 18 MIN)

Saving Us | Director: Nelson Gomez

A scientist fights to protect the Dominican coral reef system. (Dominican Republic, 3 MIN)

Sanctuary | Director: Jason Hanna

It’s all about the pigs… (USA, 3 MIN) 

Garden State Mysteries | Director: Frida Forssblad

A filmmaker discovers disturbing truths underlying some of the Garden State’s classic ghost stories. (Sweden, 3 MIN)

ACE Kid | Director: Pochi Tamba Nsoh

A subway singer faces choices when he meets a new love and her baby boy. (Cameroon, 3 MIN)

What We Keep | Director: Lívia Thiago

When quarantine pushes her wife into a psychotic break, Lívia finds herself completely alone for the first time ever. (Brazil, 10 MIN)

Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Filmmakers Pochi Tamba Nsoh, Chandni Sharma, Kendall Marianacci, Frida Sophie Forssblad, Anna Panova, Sarah Masiyiwa, Jason Hanna, Nelson Gómez, Olga Shelukhova, and Lívia Thiago.