The News and Documentary program at NYU Journalism prepares students to report and produce short- and long-form video journalism for traditional and non-traditional media. From the first class, students are on the streets reporting, shooting, and editing.  The program’s goal is to have students skilled in both form and content, effectively using all aspects of the medium. Final thesis documentaries are produced, shot, and edited by each student on their own. (Total Running Time: 90 min.)

Making Waves “If the Ocean Dies, We Die” | Director: Laura Zéphirin

Lamya Essemlali is an ocean activist dedicated to protecting marine turtles from being poached in the Indian Ocean and pilot whales from being hunted in the North Atlantic. (USA, France, 32 min) 

Tic Talk: Time To Heal | Director: Maria Florencia Smith

The filmmaker, who never understood why she developed tics at the age of 10—or why they stopped—finally seeks out the truth from her family. (Argentina, 30 min)

Some Way Out of Here | Director: Boning Li 

A young filmmaker from mainland China meets a group of middle-aged Hong Kong protesters and together they witness the turbulence and challenges of trying to save Hong Kong..   (Hong Kong, 31 min)

Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Filmmakers Boning Li and Maria Florencia Smith.