I Told You So

I Told You So

After years of debilitating period pain and unexplained symptoms, Malak finally gets a diagnosis: endometriosis. What follows is how she grapples with a tumultuous relationship with her pain, her body, and her dreams for the future. – Anita Raswant

The first screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and special guests.

All in-person screening venues provide sound amplification headphones upon request with venue management. IFC Center can also provide a T-Coil loop for compatible devices.

Director: Malak AlSayyad, Co-director: Amaan Stewart
Executive Producer: Judith Helfand
Producer: Malak AlSayyad, Amaan Stewart, Loren Townsley, Associate Producer: Rajvi Desai
Cinematographer: Malak AlSayyad, Amaan Stewart, Loren Townsley
Editor: Malak AlSayyad, Amaan Stewart (co-editor)
Language: Arabic, English
Country: United States of America, Egypt
Year: 2023

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