Real life, animated. (TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 74 MIN)

Dani | Director: Lizzy Hogenson 30-year old Danielle delivers her grim breast cancer prognosis to her mother, Violeta.  (USA, 9 MIN)

Conception 2: Matt and Richard | Directors: Margaret Cheatham Williams, Maya Edelman A biracial gay couple raises twin sons. (USA, 5 MIN)

Love Lost, and Found | Director: Richard O’Connor Sue and Kristyn are best friends who met at a transgender veterans’ support group. (USA, 3 MIN)

The Office of Missing Children | Director: Michael I Schiller What has happened to the over 2,600 kids separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border under President Trump’s “zero tolerance” family separation policy? (USA, 7 MIN)

A Line Birds Cannot See | Director: Amy Bench Separated from her mother by smugglers at the border, a determined 12-year-old sets out to find her mother and safety. (USA, 9 MIN)

Only the Moon | Director: Maya Cueva A father’s immigration story from Peru to the US, showing what it means to grow old as a Latino immigrant in the age of Trump.  (USA, 9 MIN)

Bloomers | Director: Samantha Moore Silk, cotton and lace go under the camera, as workers recount the history of the UK garment manufacturing industry.  (UK/AUSTRIA, 10 MIN)

Love Letters from Everest | Director: Celeste Koon A long-distance love story unfolds via letters exchanged during the 1956 Everest expedition. (CANADA, 8 MIN)

Bright Lights | Director: Charby Ibrahim A 25 year addiction to poker machines has cost Sharon almost everything.  (AUSTRALIA, 14 MIN)