2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Various members of the filmmaking team

Filmmakers from around the world were challenged to create short documentaries focused on the environment in just five days. The winners will be announced following the screening, claiming over $20,000 in cash and prizes, and will screen across the FUSION network over the next two years. A Miami Beach teen takes steps to combat climate change in Sink or Swim (USA, 6 min., Antony Alvarez, Andy Flores), while Novelty of Climate Change (USA, 4 min., Tommy Tang) and The Bulgarian Solution (Bulgaria, 5 min., Stani Milev) offer their own unique takes on the issue. In Stonefly (USA, 8 min., Alexander Finden), an alpine species is threatened with extinction. The founder of a honey company explores sustainability in Buzzkill (USA, 4 min., Ian Frank, Justin Simpkin). The Larger Net (USA, 6 min., David Orr, Kate Webber) presents a former fisherman’s reflections on meditation. New York City’s oyster restoration movement is the focus of both Filter Feeders (USA, 6 min., Rory Moon, Amy Zhang) and The Big Oyster (USA, 5 min., Colleen Cassingham, Roberto Drilea), while Pacific Salmon (USA, 5 min., Charles Johnson, Ben Jensen, Anthony Whitfield) looks at efforts to save endangered Pacific Northwest fish. Heart of a Grizzly (USA, 5 min., Casey Anderson) is about a man and an orphan bear. A community organizes to save trees in Riverland (USA, 8 min., Edward King). Southwest Perspectives: Water (USA, 6 min., Nathan Hill) reveals how climate change is affecting our spiritual connection with our most precious resource.




Director: Various
Running Time: 66
Language: English
Year: 2016