Whether never told before or broadcasted widely, these hidden gems of history are a must watch. (Total Running Time: 92 MIN)

Couchsurfing: The Rise and Demise of a Dream | Director: Laura Gamse
In the early days of the world wide web an online global community rose of people willing to open their homes to one another for free, but it couldn’t last. (USA, 19 MIN)

Ibach | Director: Rachel Weinberg
An Ibach piano receives a makeover after surviving an international move and playing for four generations of pianists. (USA, 8 MIN)

Granny’s Sexual Life | Directors: Urška Djukic, Émilie Pigeard
The romantic dalliances between men and women in old world Slovenia are remembered through grandmother Vera in this sexually frank and wildly comic animated tale. (FRANCE, SLOVENIA, 13 MIN)

Once There Was a Sea… | Director: Joanna Kozuch
A stirring animated portrait of the dying Aral Sea, bordering Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and home to one of the worst man-made eco-catastrophes in human history. (SLOVAKIA, POLAND, 17 MIN)

One Kilometer by Foot | Director: Rachel Menyuk
Jeanne Gurtat shares her story of saving young Jewish girls at the France/Switzerland border during WWII, navigating the harsh climate and Nazi patrolled streets. (USA, 27 MIN)

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with several members of the filmmaking teams.

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