Stories all about love.

And Then I Was Here | Director / Producer: Alex Stergiou
NEW YORK PREMIERE A genderqueer person navigates the end of a high-risk pregnancy, first-time parenthood, and the biases against their identity. – DD (USA, 13 MIN)

Tidal | Director: Katrina Lillian Sorrentino | Producers: Bryn Silverman, John Condne, Alexandra Liveris
WORLD PREMIERE After her divorce, Treen finds what she thought was a fairy-tale romance. When leaving that abusive relationship she brings together friends, family, and other survivors for support. – DD (USA, 19 MIN)

Pigeons Mate for Life | Director/Producer: Tabitha Yong
WORLD PREMIERE After the dissolution of their indie band, artist Mother Pigeon and her husband Jason Trachtenburg reflect on their marriage as they create something new together.– DD (USA, 10 MIN) 

Blue Dots | Director: Lorenzo Squarcia | Producers: Manuel Grieco, Simone Spampinato, Lorenzo Squarcia
NEW YORK PREMIERE If you sit on Biagio’s bench in Washington Square Park, he will share a love story through photos and letters. – AR (Italy, 13 MIN)

Freedom Waders: The Struggle to Integrate Chicago’s Rainbow Beach | Director/Producer: Alex S. Hinton
WORLD PREMIERE Velma Norman Hill, married more than 60 years, recount their experience braving mob violence at the height of the civil rights movement. – AR (USA, 15 MIN)

Ted & Noel | Director: Julia Alcamo | Producers: Dan Hodgson, Mary Pattisson
INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE The iconic activist Ted Brown reflects on his love for his partner Noel, and his more than 50-year fight for LGBTQ+ rights. – AR (UK, 25 MIN)

The first screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers and special guests.

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