Portraits and profiles of unique individuals with filmmaking to match. (Total Running Time: 89 MIN)

Bendix: Site Unseen | Director: Anthony Scalia
A portrait of the owner of the Bendix Diner, a blind single father of three, with extensive sneaker and cologne collections. (USA, 26 MIN)

1402 Pork N’ Bean Blue | Director: Juan Luis Matos
The photographer Roscoè B. Thické reminisces on the people, places, and culture of his Miami childhood and the indelible mark it left on his artwork. (USA, 7 MIN)

First Months of Freedom | Director: Kriss Li
A newly released trans woman shares stories of life incarcerated in a male prison. (CANADA, 9 MIN)

Moon Shot | Director: Jay Armitage, Jason Cooper
A self-taught astronomical photographer finds a new challenge when the chance to capture a rare Blood Moon eclipse presents itself. (USA, 17 MIN)

How Do You Measure a Year? | Director: Jay Rosenblatt
A father films his daughter every year on her birthday, asking her the exact same questions, capturing the moving, tender journey from childhood to womanhood. (USA, 29 MIN)

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with several members of the filmmaking teams.

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