This block captures people and places that deserve a spotlight. (Total Running Time: 95 MIN)

Everyman | Director: Jack Goessens
A personal essay documenting gender transition and acceptance through the eyes of a superhero. – Samah Ali (UK, 12 MIN)

The Herald | Director: Larry Locke, Trevor Locke
A small, local paper fights to keep its doors open after serving the community for decades. – Samah Ali  (USA, 7 MIN)

The Man From Tormentor | Director: Cal Murphy Barton
One engineer crafts a collection of machines that gain notoriety in his English town. -Samah Ali (UK, 9 MIN)

Missing Magic | Director: Anissa Latham
A young poet grapples with his city’s racist history while protests against police brutality spread across the country.  – Samah Ali (USA, 10 MIN)

Not My Today | Director: Emily Nixon
With a stripped-down animation style and no-nonsense narration Not My Today explores suicide and one woman’s decision to change her mind. –  Elyse Wang (CANADA, 3 MIN)

Nuxalk Radio | Director: Banchi Hanuse
The early mornings of a Pacific Northwest community come alive to the sounds of Nuxalk Radio, in this day-in-the-life look at a radio station preserving the Indigenous language. – Samah Ali  (CANADA, 3 MIN)

Walls Cannot Keep Us From Flying | Director: Jonathan Haff Mehring
Zooming through neighborhoods in the West Bank, two Palestinian teenagers find freedom in their skateboarding community. – Samah Ali (USA, 13 MIN)

Who The Hell Is Nigel? | Director: Nigel Edwards
Nigel Howard’s ASL interpretations for Covid briefings in British Columbia became internet famous, but Howard was already well known as an activist in the deaf community, and his impact is far greater than just a meme. – Dewitt Davis (CANADA, 26 MIN)

Zunzuncito (The Bee Hummingbird) | Director: Elle Rose Rinaldi
Frantic, chaotic, and full of energy, Zunzuncito captures childhood in a film – Elyse Wang(CUBA/USA, 12 MIN)

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with several members of the filmmaking teams.

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