2015 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Various Members of the filmmaking teams

Tales of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Stonehenge meets a grand cuckoo clock in The Clock of the Long Now (USA, 3 min., Jimmy Goldblum, Adam Weber). The Typist (USA, 8 min., Kristine Stolakis), a gay Korean War Vet, comes to terms with his role in discharging gay soldiers. A mother’s obsession causes her son to grapple with a difficult idea in German Shepherd (Sweden, 10 min., Nils Bergendal). Teenage computer nerds from Milwaukee, The 414s (USA, 12 min., Michael T. Vollmann), were America’s first hackers. After 40 years behind bars, a man comes Back (USA, 13 min., Jenna Belhumeur, Elena Boffetta) to a very different New York. I Was Here First (USA, 19 min., Katherin Machalek, Adam Golub) reveals DUMBO’s gentrification through art spaces. A State Department analyst accused of espionage finds himself facing The Surrender (USA, 24 min., Stephen Maing).




Running Time: 90
Year: 2015