Films from and about women.  (TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 86 MIN)

Making the Case | Director: Jennifer Callahan

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for whom legal arguments are daily currency, examines her handbags, revealing a corner of a mind that has argued and won historic cases.  (USA, 10 MIN)

First Move | Director: Arielle Edelman

A Washington Heights elementary school chess team attends the country’s largest scholastic chess tournament in Nashville, Tennessee.  (USA, 15 MIN)

Pam | Director: Amit Lerner

Pam, a 73-year-old retired New York City school teacher, defies stereotypes of growing older as she prepares for her annual tap, ballet, and jazz recital.  (USA, 12 MIN)

The Water Walker | Director: James Burns

Anishinaabe water activist Autumn Peltier travels from Manitoulin Island, Ontario to New York City to address the United Nations. (Canada, 13 MIN)

Just Hold On | Directors: Sam Davis, Rayka Zehtabchi

7-year-old sheep riding champion Marlie McDonald is a symbol of resilience and vigor.  (USA, 7 MIN)

The Heart Still Hums | Directors: Savanah Leaf, Taylor Russell

Five women fight for their children through the cycle of homelessness, drug addiction, and neglect. (USA, 29 MIN)

Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Filmmakers Arielle Edelman, Sam Davis, Rayka Zehtabchi, Jennifer Callahan, Taylor Russell, & James Burns, immediately following the film.