14 min


Fake News Fairytale takes us to the unlikely epicentre of fake news: Veles, Macedonia. In Veles, since the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, teenagers have been creating fake news stories that generate thousands of hits on social media. These young entrepreneurs have made money off of advertising revenue generated from their fake stories going viral, introducing a ‘digital gold rush’ to Veles. Fake News Fairytale tells the true story of ‘Sashko,’ a fake news writer from Veles, and in doing so, is a playful meditation on truth, lies and politics in a globalised, internet world.

Director: Kate Stonehill
Producer: Producer Kate Stonehill, Producer Samir Ljuma, Producer Jimmy Campbell Smith
Cinematographer: Ronnie McQuillan, Kate Stonehill
Editor: Conor Meechan
Music: Pablo Scopinaro
Language: Macedonian, English
Country: UK
Year: 2018

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