Features stories that command attention and fight for a better future for all. (Total Running Time: 93 MIN)

The Family Statement | Directors: Grace Harper, Kate Stonehill
The extremely private Sackler family, maker of Oxycontin, are put on the hot seat for their impact in the opioid crisis. (USA, 15 MIN)

Founders | Director: Scott Faris
Sinte Gleska University on Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota has been a model for Indigenous-controlled education thanks to the perseverance of its founders. (USA, 9 MIN)

Sentinels | Directors: Derek Knowles, Lawrence Lerew
Young environmentalists take to the trees to save an old-growth grove and outwit loggers. (USA, 17 MIN)

Arecibo Wants Its Telescope Back | Director: Billy Ward
The iconic Arecibo Observatory made huge strides in astronomical research, until it collapsed. Now, a local scientist is advocating for its reconstruction. (PUERTO RICO, USA, 10 MIN)

Entering Pornland: Darren | Director: Benjamin Nolot
Former adult-film star Darren takes the mic as he shares his experiences with the lack of health safety in the industry that ultimately led him to contract HIV. (USA, 12 MIN) 

The Monster in Our Closet | Directors: Nicole Gormley, Kathryn Francis
A lawyer, reporter, and inventor team up to address one of the world’s largest pollutants that goes under the radar: plastic in clothing. (USA, 27 MIN)

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