15 min

WORLD PREMIERE For nearly 15 years, basketball has played a central role in bringing together the South Sudanese community in Australia. This is Yarra follows the story of Riyadh Aden and Deng Dut from the Yarra Wild Beasts as they prepare for the South Sudanese Australian National Basketball Association Tournament, with the hope of taking home their first trophy for the junior team.

In Australia’s current sociopolitical climate of fear-mongering and sensationalism, where media headlines decrying “African Gangs” have become commonplace, the short documentary This is Yarra offers an alternative narrative of empowerment from the ground up.

Director: Lydia Rui
Executive Producer: Lydia Rui
Producer: Nima Sobhani, Bonnie Moir
Cinematographer: Barun Chatterjee, Matthew Chuang, Lydia Rui
Editor: Maria Papoutsis, Additional: Andrew Chaplin, Lydia Rui
Music: Tommy Spender
Language: English
Country: Australia
Year: 2018

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