A moment in time, captured in these observational docs. (TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 87 MIN)

Easter Snap | Director: RaMell Ross An examination of five men who resurrect the homestead ritual of hog processing in the Deep South. (USA, 14 MIN)

Ataguttak the Hunter | Director: Uncredited In the remote hamlet of Arivat, Nunavut, trace Ataguttak’s coming of age as his elder brother teaches him to hunt caribou. (USA/CANADA, 15 MIN)

The Warming Shed | Director: Nathan Reich A remote cattle ranching family struggles through calving season during the harsh Montana winter. (USA, 23 MIN)

Some Million Miles | Directors: Adam Forrester, Jared Ragland Meet Chico, Alice and Misty, Alabama natives whose lives have been shaped by meth use, in this meditation on loss and the search for redemption. (USA, 12 MIN)

Mason | Director: Oliver Shahery Five-year-old Mason Watson shows us how love can be expressed in complicated ways. (USA, 10 MIN)

Abortion Helpline: This Is Lisa | Directors: Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater, Mike Attie  See how the Hyde Amendment successfully worked to prevent the financially disadvantaged from access to abortion.  (USA, 13 MIN)