Expected to Attend: Director Melody Gilbert; producers Joy Tomchin, Dumitrita Pacicovschi; cinematographer Igor Myakotin; film subjects Sarah Mellman, Danielle Knafo

NYC PREMIERE Romance traditionally has been the domain of humans. Silicone Soul, however, shows it is possible between men and the life-size dolls. Disarmingly candid interviews highlight the bonds formed between synthetic beings and lonely souls who have struggled to find the “one,” while other subjects profiled reveal unexpected attachments to eerily lifelike dolls. Melody Gilbert’s film sensitively explores the meaning of and desire for companionship and emotional connection.

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True Love


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Director: Melody Gilbert
Executive Producer: Melody Gilbert
Producer: Dumitrita Pacicovschi, Joy Tomchin  
Cinematographer: Melody Gilbert, Igor Myakotin
Editor: Miles Painter
Music: Charlie McCarron
Running Time: 71
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2018