2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Peter Odabashian; executive producer Esther Cohen; subjects Laura Marceca, Roberto Roman, Loretta Wilson

WORLD PREMIERE Just off of Washington Square, New York City’s Greenwich House Senior Center offers an inexpensive lunch and an invaluable space for the elderly. Artists, immigrants, the homeless and all kinds of retirees share stories and activities in a heartwarming portrait of this extraordinary hub for idiosyncratic New Yorkers. Through observational footage interspersed with interviews, Peter Odabashian’s film defies the stigma of age and redefines what it means to have a good life when you find the right community.

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2018 - Somewhere To Be


In the System


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Director: Peter Odabashian
Executive Producer: Esther Cohen
Producer: Peter Odabashian
Cinematographer: Peter Odabashian
Editor: Peter Odabashian
Running Time: 76
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2018