THE 50

THE 50

WORLD PREMIERE In the dangerously overcrowded California State prison system, 50 men serving life sentences are given the opportunity to become substance abuse counselors. As the first-ever participants in the Offender Mentor Program, the group reckons with their own demons as they excavate the deep trauma of their fellow inmates. An intimate study on the possibilities of redemption. – Brandon Harrison

The first screening will be followed by a Q&A with Brenton Gieser, Cameron Clark, and Sol Irving. 

All in-person screening venues provide hearing impaired listening devices upon request with venue management.

All guests & staff will be required to comply with our Health & Safety protocols while attending DOC NYC events. For the latest information, please review our policies here.

Director: Brenton Gieser
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Sobrato
Producer: Traci Lewis, Brenton Gieser, Estevan Padilla, Audrey Gloeckner, Colette Kessler
Cinematographer: Tony Mac, Joshua Pausanos, Estevan Padilla
Editor: Steven Dupré, Brenton Gieser, Hamilton Henson
Language: English
Country: United States of America
Year: 2022
Publicist: Jessica Driscoll ( at JMP Verdant
Sales Agent: Safe Space Pictures (