2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Mindaugas Survila; marketing director Algis Akstinas

NYC PREMIERE Through immersive cinematography and exquisite sound design, one of Europe’s last remaining old-growth forests comes alive in a poetic documentary about the quotidian rituals, survival and non-anthropocentric harmony of the varied inhabitants of a Lithuanian woodland. Biologist-turned-filmmaker Mindaugas Survila spent a decade making this extraordinary project, patiently infusing its panoply of nonhuman characters with drama, humor and transcendence.


Wild Life


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Director: Mindaugas Survila
Producer: EP Gintė Žulytė, Producer Gintė Žulytė, Producer Mindaugas Survila, Producer Radvilė Šumilė
Cinematographer: Mindaugas Survila
Editor: Danielius Kokaunauskis
Music: Saulius Urbanavičius
Running Time: 86
Language: No dialog
Country: Lithuania, Estonia, Germany
Year: 2017