WORLD PREMIERE The decades-long debate surrounding reparations is fraught, mired in racial tension and the semantics of restorative justice. While the national conversation remains stalled due to legislative inaction, communities across the country examine their histories and take it upon themselves to arrange their own form of reparations. This detailed investigation of restitution presents accounts of everyday people confronting the past and exploring the possibilities of wealth transfer. – Brandon Harrison 

The first screening will be followed by a Q&A director Yoruba Richen and subjects Sarah Eisner, Randy Quarterman, Briayna Cuffie, Lotte Dula and Joseph Stewart.

This film contains the following accessibility options for viewers:
Closed Captioning for in-person screenings at IFC Center and Village East by Angelika
Closed Captioning for online screenings

All in-person screening venues provide sound amplification headphones upon request with venue management. IFC Center can also provide a T-Coil loop for compatible devices.

Director: Yoruba Richen
Executive Producer: Darryl Ford Williams, Christopher Hastings
Producer: Mehret Mandefro, Lacey Schwartz Delgado, Iris Samson (Associate Producer), Earl Lewis (Co-producer)
Cinematographer: Keith Walker, Frank Caloiero
Editor: Jessica Lee Salas, Cecilia Préstamo , Ash Warren (Assistant Editor)
Music: Kathryn Bostic
Language: English
Country: United States of America
Year: 2023
Publicist: WETA