In this timely and radical film about female desire, gender politics, and sexuality, director Maria Finitzo invites us to share intimate conversations with women on a mission to reverse a patriarchal legacy that excludes female empowerment through omissions and distortions. Sophia Wallace’s artwork on “cliteracy” acts as a powerful framing device as the film explores such issues as the lack of clitoral details in anatomy books, the need for redesigning toys for female pleasure, and the use of one’s own body as an act of resistance.  

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Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Director Maria Finitzo.

DOC NYC Live event: Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 1 ET on Facebook Live– Director Maria Finitzo discusses her film about the clitoris, female pleasure and gender politics.

Director: Maria Finitzo
Executive Producer: Gordon Quinn, Jolene Pinder, Barbara Kopple, Hugh Schulze
Producer: Maria Finitzo, Cynthia Kane, Diane Quon
Writer: Maria Finitzo
Cinematographer: Hillary Bachelder, Keith Walker, Adam Singer, Bing Lui
Editor: Liz Kaar, Co-Editor: Mimi Wilcox
Music: Miriam Cutler
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Publicist: Cinetic
Sales Agent: ro*co films