2018 Alumni

NYC PREMIERE Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Greenaway – perhaps best known for The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover – is a lover of patterns and sequences, a motif that recurs throughout his work. In this playful portrait by his wife, multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke, Greenaway engages in an autobiographical alphabetic word association led by his perceptive 16-year-old daughter, Pip. As the father and daughter run through their ABCs, illustrated by scenes from his lavish body of work, a deeply personal, and surprisingly revealing, portrait of Greenaway emerges.


NYC PREMIERE  In Chuck Workmans's montage/documentary with over 125 moments from significant documentaries of the past 100 years from Nanook to RBG with short remarks from significant filmmakers like Barbara Kopple, Ken Burns, Michael Moore, Ava DuVernay, Frederick Wiseman and others.

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Behind the Scenes


Director: Saskia Boddeke
Producer: EP Julia Emmering, Producer Oscar Van der Kroon
Cinematographer: Ruzbeh Babol, Sander Snoep, Saskia Boddeke
Editor: Gys Zevenbergen
Music: Luca d'Alberto
Running Time: 70
Language: Dutch,English
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2017