2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Damani Baker; editor Jon Fine, writers Eisa Davis, Cameron Russell; executive producer Max Osterwies, Cameron Russell; subjects Fannie Haughton, Kai Baker

NYC PREMIERE In 1983, Fannie Haughton, a young activist and teacher inured to injustices facing African Americans, sought a haven for her family in Grenada, an island nation that had seen an Afrocentric revolution just four years prior. Not too long after, the island was invaded by the U.S. military, and the dream of a socialist utopia became a victim of Cold War politics. Haughton’s son Damani Baker revisits this story, couching it in a larger tale of black activism, as embodied by his mother.


Fight the Power


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Director: Damani Baker
Producer: Damani Baker, Max Osterweis, Cameron Russell, Damani Baker, Danny Glover, Belvie Rooks
Editor: Jon Fine
Music: Meshell Ndegeocello
Running Time: 78
Language: English
Country: USA, Grenada
Year: 2016