2018 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Directors Sofian Khan, Andres Caballero, Editor Fabian Caballero

NYC PREMIERE During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US military forces relied on local translators to provide the communication critical for mission success. Serving side by side with foreign soldiers, these loyal interpreters, invaluable to the Americans, are deemed traitors by Islamic extremists. After US troops withdraw, interpreters confront their fates: wait for promised but long-delayed special visas into the US, risk their lives to flee as refugees or stay in their countries, facing certain death if discovered.



Intl. Perspectives


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Director: Andres Caballero, Sofian Khan
Producer: EP Carrie Lozano, Producer Sofian Khan, Producer Andres Caballero, Producer Mark Steele, Producer Simon Taufique
Cinematographer: Sofian Khan
Editor: Francisco Bello, Fabian Caballero
Music: Simon Taufique
Running Time: 74
Language: English, Arabic, Dari
Country: USA
Year: 2018