2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Richard Ladkani, Kief Davidson (November 10th Only)

Elephants are among the world’s most magnificent creatures. But the lucrative ivory trade could cause the species to go extinct in our lifetime. The Ivory Game chronicles the battle to save elephants. As suspenseful as any thriller, it follows investigators who risk their own lives, battling armed poachers in the African bush and going undercover to catch black marketeers in Asia. The courage of these elephant advocates makes for a pulse-racing adventure with real-life urgency. Courtesy of Netflix.


Short List


Director: Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani
Producer: Wolfgang Knöpfler, Walter Kohler, Kief Davidson
Cinematographer: Richard Ladkani
Running Time: 116
Language: English, Swahili, Mandarin
Country: USA, Austria
Year: 2016