US PREMIERE Sometimes you come across a documentary whose the description you have to reread just to make sure it’s all real. Mads Brügger’s latest sounds latest sounds like a John le Carré novel—but this is a true story of a multinational geopolitical plot dotted with greed, impostors, drugs, and weapons. Filmed in secrecy for over 10 years, Brügger’s suspenseful exposé keeps the viewers on their toes as it uncovers the dangerous, insidious ways in which the North Korean empire functions. – Bedatri Choudhury

The November 13th screening will be followed by a Q&A with Director Mads Brügger.

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Director: Mads Brügger
Executive Producer: Peter Engel, Bjarte Mørner Tveit, Frank Gander, Erling Groth, Torstein Grude, Axel Arnö, Hayley Reynolds Mandy Chang
Producer: Peter Engel, Bjarte Mørner Tveit
Cinematographer: Jonas Berlin, Heine Kaarsberg, Tore Vollan
Editor: Torkel Gjørv, Nicolás Nørgaard Staffolani
Music: John Erik Kaada
Language: English, Danish, Korean
Country: DENMARK, Norway
Year: 2020
Publicist: DR Sales